We are a small, privately owned cleaning service started by Mark Bennett in 2001.  We are based in Denshaw, In Saddleworth.  Originally we started out by cleaning carpets & upholstery but soon diversified into a number of specialist areas.  

In 2014 we launched a brand new & totally unique cleaning service for the inside of conservatories. It has taken nearly a decade to to develop this process from scratch & is something we are very proud of.

We are always looking for new ways of cleaning and of new areas to clean. At the moment we are developing an antiviral deep cleaning method for use in healthcare areas, such as dental surgeries and veterinary surgeries. 

Since July of 2018 we have changed our cleaning chemical for carpets and upholstery from scented to unscented. This makes it safer for those with asthma. We now use an additive to leave a pleasant  scent.

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98b Oldham Rd, Denshaw, Saddleworth. OL3 5SS